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Into The Underworld selections



Auricle AMSCDR 008 73'04" CD-R deleted

1. Morphogenesis - Improvisation 147, Part 1 8'25"
2. N.R. Hills - Dark Satanic Hills 3'56"
3. Biomechanoid - Minon 6'00"
4. Sleaze Art - Les Jungles Apocrypes 7'16"
5. Arcane Device - 6ft In Diameter (Approx) 2'43"
6. Michael Winnerholt - Yuko 5'10"
7. Context - Product 8 5'36"
8. Peter Frohmader - Underground 8'55"
9. Alto Stratus - Preflection 5'44"
10. Limpe Fuchs - Steinspiel 4'30"
11. Clothearz - Horsedeathmusic 5'20"
12. Jack Tamul - Ember Days 4'18"
13. Asmus Tietchens - Hydro-Linear, Part 2 4'20"

Compilation of experimental, industrial and avant-garde strangeness.

"Escape From The Cage" series. A continuation from the the concept of the "A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird" set, this series of releases explores 3 different facets of new-music. All are unique commissioned recordings (including rarities), by some of the leading pioneers around, and some much lesser-known obscure artists.All are great value for money!

A most eclectic collection of experimental musics, showcasing everything from pure free improvisation: Morphogenesis, via the unique feedback machine work of David Myers (aka Arcane Device) to complex neo-classical composition: Jack Tamul. Various forms of experimental electronics and synth music are well represented, by: N.R. Hills, Biomechanoid, Michael Winnerholt, Context, Peter Frohmader and Alto Stratus. On the edge of rock, we have: the manic guitar grunge of Parisians Sleaze Art and the trippy sound of (Rancid Poultry related) Clothearz. Rather untypically, Anima's Limpe Fuchs plays amplified stones, and Asmus Tietchens takes us inside a water tank. An eclectic collection indeed!

Compiled by Alan Freeman (Spring 1990).

Originally a cassette - initially numbered, but quantity unknown - released ?/4/1990.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2002.

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