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Auricle AMACDR 012  73'22"  CD-R deleted

1. Holy Atheist - Ripples 1'54"
2. Holy Atheist - Hell Fire (extract) 0'57"
3. Holy Atheist - Holy Ghost (extract) 1'36"
     from early tape recordings, circa 1977-1980.
4. Annonce Grotesque - Amber (Desert Girl) introduction 3'00"
     from Annonce Grotesque: "Amber" 1981.
5. Alto Stratus - Troll 4'34"
6. Alto Stratus - Region 5: Reise 2'51"
     from Various Artists: "A Breeze Of Time" 1984-1986.
7. Alto Stratus - Assemblage 5'38"
8. Alto Stratus - Echowelt 5'00"
     from Various Artists: "Now That's What I Call A Dithyrambic Conflux" 1983.
9. Steve Freeman - Scorpio: La Porte 4'41"
10. ZBB - Darkness (extract) 2'23"
11. Alan Freeman - Xylem: Vorn 4'20"
12. Annonce Grotesque - Amber Zap 2'00"
       from Various Artists: "Illuminated Pleasures" 1983.
13. Alto Stratus - Biomechanic 6'07"
       from Various Artists: "The Cantilevers Of Passion" 1983.
14. Alto Stratus - Sunken Nun 5'35"
       from Various Artists: "Directions 2" 1989.
15. Alto Stratus - Sunken Nun #2 3'41"
16. Alto Stratus - Sunken Nun #3 4'22"
17. Alto Stratus - Beyond The Infinite, Part 1 5'38"
       unreleased recordings 1988-1989.

Holy Atheist: Alan & Steve Freeman.
Alto Stratus: Alan & Steve Freeman.
ZBB (Zircon & The Burning Brains): Alan & Steve Freeman, Nigel Harris.
Annonce Grotesque: Nigel Harris.

Volume 12 of the Auricle Archive series, inc. CD-Rom.

A unique miniature history of Alto Stratus and related projects 1977-1989, wrapping-up choice and historical oddments from the very early years, including long-unavailable compilation contributions, and a few previously unreleased recordings.

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2002.

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This is a CD+ with an extensive CD-Rom set-up as isolated web-site. In it you will find a full historical catalogue of original Pagan, Syzygy, Säbel, Dark Star and Auricle cassette labels, sections on all the artists: all with full track details, unique music samples, cassette cover art, and other things. All the Auricle Archive series info is also included, as well as pictures of the Tachyon studio in the 1980s, etc...

two example screens from the CD-rom (click to zoom)

YouTube rom video demo
This YouTube video is a screen capture video with live and added audio showing the rom in use.
If you purchased the download, you can request the rom as a free zip file.


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